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End of July Status + My Wishlist

I'm swamped with my daily work, so i didn't have time to write any blog post for the last three weeks, but i'm following Slackware's changelog daily. It's been an impressive changes for the past three weeks and here's some of the highlight:
vda support in liloconfig, useful for VMs used in QEMUbetter handling for template strings in mkinitrdmany new default configurations in /etc/defaultsupport for btrfs and ocfs2 have been added in the busybox/mkinitrdhdri support is now added in ImageMagickremoval of idnkit (everything is now linked to libidn2)libwebp is now included in the distributiongrayscale support in gdk-pixbuf2 has been restoredbusybox update to 1.27.1running latest LTS kernel: 4.9.40 Here's my wishlist for next Slackware:
Migrate to Qt5 and KDE 5Add Python3 for smooth transition (Python 2 will be killed in 2020) Add meson build system (many upstream projects are migrating to meson, eg. mesa, xorg)Add rust programming language (Firefox 54+ requires r…

Happy 24th Anniversary

Today marks the 24th anniversary of Slackware since it was released on 1993.Currently, Slackware is the oldest Linux distribution still actively maintained single-handed by Patrick Volkerding himself with lots of help by the Slackware Core Team and also contributors all around the world who suggested a lot of ideas and patches, mostly in LQ.

Twenty four years of constant maintaining a Linux distribution is not an easy thing, especially when the user base is growing with lots of new ideas and requests. Patrick keep firms on his philosophy while maintaining Slackware throughout all these years. That's why you will feel familiar when you install a new version of Slackware since the installation method and how the system is configured doesn't really change on every releases. I remembered my first Slackware Linux installation was in 2002 and at that time, i was just testing several few Linux distributions out of my curiosity. I started to use Slackware Linux as my main operating sy…

SBo Stats

For those who are interested in SBo statistics, i have generated and published git statistics for SBo project since the infrastructure moved to GIT in 2010 which can be accessed here: It was generated using gitstats with default configuration and no changes through the theme (customizable via CSS).

I was surprised that we had 999 authors for this project (some are duplicates due to inconsistencies when writing the maintainer's name in .info). While some of them are now inactive, i'm still grateful that SBo attracts so many users out there to contribute to this project.We will try to address those inconsistencies so we can have closer estimate to the real authors.

We now have more than 6500 scripts in our repository which counts for 33,149 files with 1,456,319 lines of numbers. It's awesome to look into the progress of this project.

Thank you for all the contributions so far from all authors/maintainers. We are looking forward t…

New package: libidn2

Some changes have came up since my last post and i will try to highlight them here:
kernel: Upgraded to 4.9.36grep: Upgraded to 3.1acct: Upgraded to 6.6.4cups: Upgraded to 2.2.4cups-filter: Upgraded to 1.14.1gphoto2/libgphoto2: Upgraded to 2.5.14tmux: Upgraded to 2.5apr: Upgraded to 1.6.2apr-utils: Upgraded to 1.6.0libpng: Upgraded to 1.6.30sound-theme-freedesktop: Upgraded to 0.8mesa: Upgraded to 17.1.4xscreensaver: Upgraded to 5.37cgmanager: Upgraded to 0.41ghostscript: Upgraded to 9.21mercurial: Upgraded to 4.2.2fftw: Upgraded to 3.3.6_pl2gcr: Upgraded to 3.20.0gnome-keyring: Upgraded to 3.20.1libunistring: Upgraded to 0.9.7pcre: Upgraded to 8.41NetworkManager: Upgraded to 1.8.2ca-certificates: Upgraded to 20161130curl: Upgraded to 7.54.1dhcp: Upgraded to 4.3.5dnsmasq: Upgraded to 2.77gnutls: Upgraded to 3.5.14lftp: Upgraded to 4.7.7php: Upgraded to 5.6.31 (security fix)whois: Upgraded to 5.2.16fontconfig: Upgraded to 2.12.4libinput: Upgraded 1.8.0 We also have a new package: libidn…

Security Update: kernel and glibc

Patrick has just issued another security advisory related to kernel. This time, it could lead to possible stack exhaustion, memory corruption, and arbitrary code execution. Both -current and -stable (14.2) are updated with the latest LTS kernel 4.9.35 and 4.4.75.

The other advisory released today was about glibc, which is now rebuilt with upstream patches to improve security. This update was also applied back to 14.2.

You should deploy the updates as soon as possible and reboot the machine in order to get the fixes along with other updates included in the latest kernel release.